Marel Demonstrates Leadership in Fish Processing Innovations

Marel is gearing up for Seafood Processing Global 2014 where the company will demonstrate a wide range of equipment and software solutions, that help fish processors optimize raw material utilization, ensure traceability and food safety, and improve processes throughout the value chain.

Whitefish Processing
The whitefish section of Marel’s Stand 4-6227 targets processors of both wild and farmed whitefish species, such as tilapia, pangasius, bass and bream. This year the spotlight will be on the prelaunch of FleXicut, the waterjet cutter that automatically detects and cuts out pinbones, and portions whitefish fillets. The automation of this process not only reduces the need for skilled labor, but also enables processors to greatly improve product handling and yields, and introduce exciting new products such as skin on loins and baby fillets. Another highlight is the latest SensorX bone detection system that enables processors to offer superior quality, boneless fish products. Other live demonstrations include grading, weighing, and packing applications designed to reduce giveaway and improve overall processing performance.

Salmon Processing
In the salmon section, everything is about optimizing the valuable raw material. In the fillet processing sector, we introduce a new back trim feature of the MS 2730 Filleting Machine that further optimizes yield and reduces the need for manual trimming. We will also display the new generation of high efficiency pinbone removers, the MS2612 series, launched at Marel’s Salmon Showhow in February this year. On display will be the dual lane edition that includes many new features, such as a water saving system, pressure adjustment options, and an improved touchR08;screen display. In the VAP sector, the spotlight is on the Slice 3300 Retail Pack Slicer, setting new standards in salmon slicing. With integrated scanning and pre weighing features, this slicer enables high quality output with extremely high accuracy on weight and count.

Innova Software Solutions
Traceability and quality control are still at the heart of Marel’s Innova software demonstrations. In the Innova section, we demonstrate how we build traceability into each process step to ensure processors can trace their products back to source. New from Innova this year is a labeling solution that enables processors to control and automate their labeling process from receiving to dispatch, and create labels that fit both customer and production needs.

Innovation Through Partnership
Marel’s strong partnerships with the fish industry play a vital role in designing the systems and developing the equipment and solutions that enable processors to ensure higher yields and better processing performance. The result of Marel’s continuous innovation through partnership is an impressive array of industry leading equipment designed to meet today’s seafood processing challenges in any modern salmon, whitefish, or farmed whitefish plant.

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