Safe fishing in Myall River

Myall River is declared safe for commercial and recreational fishing, confirm by the NSW Food Authority.

NSW Food Authority has announced that it is safe for the harvesting of mollusk and crustacean in Myall River. Commercial and recreational fishing was closed in the Myall River above Gardens which has been revoked by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

NSW DPI, director commercial fisheries Andrew Goulstone said that the fishing was closed in the area in response to the bluegreen algae alert in the area. He informed that the closure has now been revoked after testing from all the samples of finfish and prawns came back negative for toxins.
According to Goulstone fishing can resume but prawn fishers should continue to take clean water for cooking and cooling because of recent heavy rain in the area. He also said that all finfish taken from the affected areas should be gilled, gutted and rinsed in clean wateras a precaution.


WorldFishingToday d. 15-02-2012

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